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I was able to free myself from the frames many put around tantra. To move beyond certain frames and boundaries which should not be crossed. Why not? Who has the right to reserve the right to set rules in the area of sexuality, of total intimacy? I consider tantra to be a mosaic, an architect of perfect moments of intimacy. Not as something purely commercial, as it is too often seen nowadays.

Tantra, tantric sex, or tantric sexuality. I do not care. The name is irrelevant. To me tantra represents a gateway to freedom, to intimacy with no taboos, where everything is allowed. I do not like limitations, what we all want from our sexual world is for us to improve, discover, and experience the unexperienced, time and again.

For me, there is no tantra without sex. And also no good sex without tantra. Tantra helps us feel the body of the one closest to us, its understanding, and leads us to total devotion, where we lead them do a state of total pleasure and delight.

I only recognize sexual energy, the most powerful energy on the planet. All other energies are measurable, while this one is and will always be undefined. Women are its bearers and it is something we should be proud of. No, we must be aware of what it is that was in fact given to us, put in our cradle. At my intimate meetings I expect to see only sincere participants.

I do not want those with crossed fingers and a full bag of limitations among us. There would be no point, as I want results. At the end I want to see your faces wearing smiles and sparks in their eyes, growing into a powerful flame. And that flame can burn forever, we only need to take care of it.


My dear, put yourself first. Immediately. Do not worry about everyone else, they will wait for you, because they genuinely want you close to them and want to feel you are relaxed, confident, and filled with sexual energy. An energy you do not want only for yourself but which fuels everyone around you as well.

At our tantric courses we discover our own body, remember or uncover points of pleasure which have been lost on the way or just stayed hidden. We learn how to show our most secret desires and how to live them. We remember that nature rewarded each of us with an incredible body, a remarkable machine of life. But this machine needs to be taken care of, to be pampered, and treated properly.

Our tantric course for women is truly meant as a new beginning or merely an upgrade to everything that was good in the sexual life of every one of us. That which is of quality should never be thrown away. We only want more. And better.

Tantra is only the beginning. Then there are no boundaries to restrain you or prevent you from doing anything you want. Tantra enables you to really be what everyone one of us wants to be like. We are never fully satisfied, or to put it even better, we are never fully fulfilled.

Tantra takes us in a path from self-awareness to complete sentience and feeling, and we can feel very different things in many different ways. That is in fact what we want. And what we as women deserve.


Tantra is a sincere relationship with no taboos, lies, or ignorance. As is tantra pure and simple, so too do we want our relationships to be pure and simple. We strive to teach that or only to freshly plant seeds of trust into every relationship of every couple visiting our courses. Together we discover our partner’s body, and in many cases again get to see how beautiful it is. Tantra starts by leading us along a path of rekindled sentience, again discovering the feelings that have got a bit lost in the way.