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We carry it with us all the time. Safely put. Our own treasure which cannot be taken. The fear of ever sharing it does not exist. It may have been forgotten momentarily or it is just now that we wish to enjoy all the findings we have diligently acquired over the years. Such discoveries are hidden in certain words, which are too meaningful and deep in order to use them to describe one another. Each individual is unique. Words can be universal however, feelings are characterized with one’s own energy note – they are as extraordinary as are we. The dictionary below is just a sign, where one can stop for a minute, closes their eyes and reflects. You are ready and able. It might be that you just need a sensible scenario as to how to put individual words in a whole, which ultimately brings you on a journey of intimacy, spontaneity and pure pleasure. Our programs are like that. They are the best for you because you deserve it. Moreover, you expect it.

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Tantra is not instant. We cannot bypass many obstacles ahead of us before we reach our goal. The goal is indeed seen differently by everyone as well. Nevertheless, we perceive it as sheer pleasure. The time stops and our sensitivity awakes. Time when we receive with excitement and give away unconditionally.

The “Four seasons” program is our most complex one. During our work whether with individuals or a group, we are doing our best to include each and every building stone making the tantra resilient and reasonable. In the long run, we are able to confront and resolve daily problems in order to keep our final mosaic strong and colorful. By doing so, it is radiating with lively and erotic energy.

As the name suggests, the program consists of a theoretical part where elementary tantra knowledge from tantra yoga is acquired. Consequently, we start to become aware of our body through deep meditation. The meditations are thought out to be a deepened analysis of ourselves and locating our problems which we wish to turn into challenges and overcome them. The classical meditations which are a form of running away from reality are not beloved amongst us. Tantra is way too grounded and deep for that. With this programme we start living differently and we start to react differently to stimuli from our surroundings. Tantra yoga is important for us to start perceiving how our body reacts to different positions – what we like more and what a bit less. It may turn out to be beneficial as you could revoke those feelings during the act. During yoga, it is of outmost importance to learn proper breathing techniques. It may seem self-explanatory but it’s usually the root problem. Breathing and total sexuality go hand in hand. There is no one without the other.

Our tantra does not have a lot in common with the common classes of tantra massages due to the fact that there is a lot of speculation as to what is allowed and what not. Our tantra leads to utter total sexuality. We wish to awaken your unconscious sexual energy. We wish to guide you towards unveiled and candid intimacy with no limits nor taboos. Such intimacy occurs among two people who respect each other and are ready to devote one to another. It is truly indefinite.


One’s own intimate desires, interest for tantra and everything linked to sexuality is not something everyone can or wants to share in a group. A lot of the times, such individuals find their true self in an individual program. This way, we come back to the uniqueness. It is how we are. We should accept it. Let us be grateful for it.

Each individual program (which contains contents alike in other programs) starts with a conversation. Goals and direction of the program are set. Our individual programs are indeed wrapped in a veil of mystery; however, the goals stay the same for everyone. Tantra itself and tantra wisdom with its exercise techniques guide each participant towards utter sensuality. In this program, we work with couples as well as individuals. The eternal question which arises is the following: do we carry out sexual acts as well? Intimacy should be spontaneous; it should ascend when the time is right. Therefore, we are not promising you instructions as to how and when to be intimate at home. Nevertheless, we can promise you that you will know the answers to that question when the time is right.

Results occurring in individual programs are generally better than in groups since no one can hide in the crowd. The individual is always in the spotlight. And that is in order. The result later transcends onto others in their surroundings, which are meant to receive their inner peace, attention, sensual touch and respectful attitude, which then brings them to the well-deserved sexual pleasures.


But it does. There is still time to find it. The place under the sun or the stars. Wherever you wish it to be. Where your car cannot bring you. Where there is no electricity. Television. Radio. There, where mobile phones go dead silent. That place is waiting for you. Let it bring you to your roots. Let it bring you to the discovery that we are alone here. We got each other’s backs. We can give and receive unconditionally. Unselfishly and spontaneously. Tantra and intimacy, complete perception, away from the crazy reality.

We have found it for you. We have filled it with the right energy. The ones who are the most genuine are the ones we take there. The ones who want the best for themselves. We take them there so they can learn to devote themselves to their loved ones. Meditation in contact with the nature.

Tantra as foreplay in front of the fireplace, where flames are playing with the wood generously given to us by Mother Nature. Or, under the warm starry sky in the summer. In front of the fire as well, which has been the symbol of warmth and security for thousands of years. We all need that feeling. The place where your breath filled with pleasure will be heard only by your closest one, where the sounds of pleasure will only be intended for the one which causes them in the first place.

The best things in life are made by ourselves, when we are alone in complete silence. We are happy to help you. The world which we come back to later doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. Maybe it was not crazy in the first place, it was just our excuse since we weren’t able to do something, which has been in our reach all along. This program is first and foremost meant as an umbrella of all this. We recommend it to everyone with some prior knowledge, who is at least trying to live a similar lifestyle. As the last test, as to how a situation might look when you get the feeling that the time has frozen. When the moment is eternity and when eternity is perfection in its feelings, intimacy and spontaneity.